2017.9 -2018.5
Teaching Assistant (Grader)

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Assisted Professors grading assignments and exams for Computer Architecture and Java Programming courses.

Interacted with over 70 students in class/online to answer questions.

Research Engineer & Developer

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Designed and developed WeChat mini program for Fox Smart Education Platform, which allow teachers and parents to maintain their courses.

Full-Stack website development, build responsive front pages and Data Management Platform. Sample websites: Mala Sichuan, Sapporo.


2012.9 -2016.6
BS in Information & Computing Science

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Team Leader of iGEM team AHUT_China (2013-2016), won 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in iGEM Competition.

2014 China Telecom Scholarship, Top 10 Distinguished Student of Anhui University of Technology

2016.8 -2018.5
MS in Computer Science

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Earned Computer Science Master Degree, core track is Data Science. Master study including machine learning, big data and data visualization ,etc

Worked in Big Data Management and Analytics Lab as Research Assitant/Independent Study Student, participated 3 machine learning and big data related projects.


Web/Software Development

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Data Science

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Programming Languages


Web/Software Development

Basic Languages: HTML, CSS, JS .etc
Web Frameworks/environments: Bootstrap, Laravel, Vue, React, Node.JS
App Dev: Wechat Mini Program, Andriod, IOS

Data Science

Machine Learning algorithms
Big Data Frameworks
Data visualization

Courses & Certifications (Parts of)

Name Taught by Date View Certification
Cryptography and Information Security AHUT 2015
Information Theory AHUT 2015
CS6375 Machine Learning UTDallas 2016
CS6350 Big Data Management and Analytics UTDallas 2017
CS7301 Advanced Visual Languages and Visualization UTDallas 2017
Computer Science Fall Workshop:Data Science with Python UTDallas 2017
Computer Science Workshop: Big Data UTDallas 2016
CS6326 Human Computer Interactions UTDallas 2017
CS6301 Data Representation UTDallas 2017
The Web Developer Bootcamp Udemy 2017

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